Michele Attias Life Coach

Take Meteoric Action Like A Hyena

The Hyena is known as one of the most tenacious and intelligent animals on the planet.

It’s brain has similar characteristics to primates and 30% of their hunts are successful compared to lions lagging behind at a 15% success rate.

The hyenas have never been glorified as the lion or exemplified as the elephant. It’s a marginalised group tolerated and vilified because of the devious and cunning nature they display. They have become the underdog, ignored and shoved to one side.

The lion on the other hand has been respected as a powerful animal striding through its territory with magnificence, power and presence but little else.

I know who I would prefer to be stuck with.

Hyenas enter a scenario without the pomp and ceremony, do what needs doing and swiftly leave.

There is a benefit in embodying more of this action piece, as people add so much padding and froth to endeavours yet stay rooted to the same spot, hoping and waiting. 

The hyena has a focus and does everything in its power to move towards their goal, they move as a pack which once they make a kill, devours their victim in less than an hour.

If anything stands in their way, they continue forward. There is no fear, care for who it offends or if the animal they are challenged by is triple in size. Their level of chutzpah is off the scale. They have a mission and they go forth with meteoric speed.

It begs the question, are you the hyena or the lion?

Are you resting in your territory with equanimity and grace, or do you move efficiently taking action well ahead of the game?

If you relate more to the lion type behaviour, but would like to embody more of the hyena-like traits. The way to start adopting different behaviours is to understand what these are and how they can impact your life if you were to adopt these.

Hyenas are;

Pack animals who are highly sociable.

Build relationships with those who have the same purpose and focus. This could translate into a focused mastermind group or peer group of mentors all wanting to achieve similar goals. Using the strengths of each individual of the team, group or network to move you forward in what you want to achieve.

Incredibly organised.

Sharpen your leaderships skills by observing the terrain you want to work on, planning ahead and gathering all the tools you need to execute a plan or create a result effectively. 


Embrace every venture that comes your way and if someone has already carved out the area you want to be involved in, stand alongside and absorb lessons from their discoveries to benefit you.

Versatile and adaptive.

Mould to situations and challenges as they present themselves, moving with flow not rigidity. Markets crash, divorces happen and grief occurs, learn to adapt to situations as they arise. Learning to incorporate new habits and behaviours to serve you better.

Communication skills comprise 11 different hyena calls.

Use different communication styles with each person you’re in relationship with. The language and communication you use should be dependent on the person, relationship and situation that arises. People respond through communication and react accordingly.

Inventive, exploratory and bold, they use 6 problem solving behaviour patterns.

Diverse problems require a unique and expansive level of mental energy to solve. Being open to using different methods of thought processes can facilitate a new endeavour. Using investigative, creative and inventive skills to identify outcomes and look for solutions without giving up at the first round. If a path hasn’t been created, innovate it.

To conclude, the hyenas are cartoon villains, but we underestimate their skills and experience. They may not be pretty but as predators, they are hard to beat. 

There is a tremendous amount that can be learnt from these animals to expand habits, patterns of relating and how to interact when faced with a challenge. Embodying the hyena type of behaviours, can make a huge difference into turning passive steps into off the scale meteoric action.

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