Michele Attias Life Coach

How To Create A Freedom Mindset

In parts of South East Asia, young elephants are tied mercilessly to a rope as a method of conditioning.

During this time, the rope is robust enough to hold the baby elephant in place. As the elephant grows and develops in size, they are conditioned to believe they can’t break free.

They proceed to stay firmly within this area.

Adult elephants can reach a weight of up to 14,000 pounds and can tower at over 13 feet tall, yet they never leave the dimensions that have been preset.

They never dare to venture out of the confines that have been imposed onto them by their master.

Although we don’t resemble this pachyderm in size or intellectual capacity, we still chain ourselves to certain concepts, ideas and limitations set by others and then live through them.

So what is that imaginary rope that keeps you tied up?

This could manifest itself by keeping within the confines of an imaginary boundary. Too scared to venture out beyond what you’ve become accustomed to. Fraught with fear of what could be on the other side, it is not uncommon to notice peoples conversations entering a carousel which rotates rehashing and regurgitating the same mindless talk.

The key is to begin to rehabilitate the mind to let go of the limitations that have been self imposed over decades.

When there is a limited mindset, decisions dictate actions and venturing out of this seems impossible.

The elephant is destined for far greater, it is one of the largest and most powerful animals on earth, it’s true calling is to nurture and be the protector of the herd. We have our own precious destiny waiting until we’re ready to step out of the claustrophobic confines that have been set by our own master.

The mind.

The thoughts that flow out of the mind occur on an unconscious level. Those who fear venturing further afield risk finding themselves out of control and out of their measured safe zone. Like ploughing through a thick dark forest during nightfall, it’s frightening to be in unfamiliar territory.

A limited thought create a limited life and to live vicariously is a fantasy in other peoples worlds. It’s a never ending quest that’s out there for one day, someday. Except there is nothing that’s out there to run to. Freedom is not out there to be grasped and captured when it’s found for fear of it escaping. It’s a mindset we all have access to. A way we experience life that let’s go of looking over our shoulder for others validation and approval.

There are a number of aspects to attaining true freedom in all it’s forms;

  • We need to be physically independent of all subjugation and any form of servitude and power that demeans value. This requires a certain freedom of the spirit.
  • The soul is not free if it is subjected to external demands that prevent it from following the path of its inner truth.

What makes us truly free is when we’re able to be faithful to the truth of who we are. This allows us to effortlessly live a fulfilled life which is focused on the souls inner goals. Those who’s spirit is servile to external and internal limitations will never experience this sense of self fulfilment.

Their happiness will always depend upon the approval of others who’s domination is overpowering. This control could be fact or imaginary.

The powerful elephant must finally be rehabilitated in a sanctuary to begin the process of ridding itself of the limits imposed by the rope tied round it’s leg. We must also rid ourselves of the rope tied around our life that keeps us exactly where we are.

Unlike an animal requiring a human to set it free, we can set ourselves free by beginning to take a small step out of the confines we have set for ourselves and into the power of who we were meant to be.

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