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4 Top Myths That Need Debunking (Once And For All)

A while back, whilst travelling abroad with a childhood friend for a weeks break, a matter was highlighted within a few hours of arriving at our warm, mediterranean destination. 

There was a stark difference I noticed. Whilst she switched off her mobile phone, not responding to e-mails until the end of our trip. I couldn't.

The difference between us was simple, she remains in employment, whilst I've set off on my own path of self-employment.

This essentially means that whilst she took her well deserved break, I was initially glued to my phone to be available for any eventuality that might occur with regards to my clients. In addition to this, I wanted to regularly check e-mails in case of any enquiries, log on to social media, and of course I wanted to find material to be able to write my weekly blog.

It challenged one of the prime myths of Entrepreneurship - More freedom.

I observed how my friend shut the door on her job from the beginning of the holiday until the last day.  

It made me reflect on the myths that might have made you dump your job in favour of going solo.

Being employed in a 9 to 5 job with a boss overseeing you has its benefits. 

You finish at 5pm, receive a monthly salary, have 3 weeks break a year and ultimately the buck does not stop with you. It stops at times, several feet above you, therefore real breaks and time away from the office, truly means what it says.

Being an entrepreneur or running your own business is truly not for everyone. When I hear people refer to entrepreneurship as their key to freedom, I seriously question the validity of this. 

I coach a number of Entrepreneurs who feel anything but free. Their stress levels are above the richter scale as they attempt to keep up with market trends, client needs and an ever growing business. 

Freedom, relaxation, time out and a bubble of space is the last thing they have at present. There is a need to redefine the ‘freedom’ you’re chasing after when you enter the domain of starting your business.

In fact, there is a need to debunk the freedom myth, as well as other myths often circulated about Entrepreneurship:

Myth 1

Entrepreneurship will make you happier.

Happiness and fulfilment has nothing to do with being a business owner. You can feel as fulfilled and happy in employment where you feel valued, acknowledged and have a chance of raising yourself in the ranks if you would like to. Happiness is subjective, and essentially most people are happier without risks, hurdles, burdens and uncertainty that comes with this.

Myth 2

Entrepreneurs have less stress and more freedom.

Running your own business requires you're on call 7 days a week. Work therefore becomes your life and to add to this, the financial instability can be overwhelming. Breaks usually happen glued to your phone waiting around for any eventuality that might happen since you are the creator of the start up and the buck stops with you.

Myth 3

Follow your passion and the money will follow.

Some people are lucky enough to achieve financial success, but we all know that passion alone won't pay the bills. A number of entrepreneurs have found their passion working for someone else. Of course you have to enjoy what you do and feel excited about it, but Entrepreneurship is not the only way to express your passions.

Myth 4

Entrepreneurship is the only way to acquire wealth.

There is no research or data that supports the notion that a person has a better chance of making money or acquiring wealth by being self employed. Granted that Apple, Facebook and Google created thousands of very wealthy people. It’s important to note that many worked for companies before they risked setting off on their own.

Essentially, if you're aim is to change the world and make a difference, then Entrepreneurship will be a domain you can excel in. The potential impact you make can brings about an incredible amount of personal pleasure and sense of purpose, but linking this profession with 'freedom' is frankly deluding yourself.

Freedom is a state of mind, not a place to arrive at, or a well signposted destination.

Choosing our own way simply means not being encased in who we should or shouldn't be. It is about being authentic and doing what truly drives us without repression. It happens from the inside and manifests out. It's not the fact that you can wake  up at 11am as opposed to being forced to clock into employment at 9am.  It's far more than that.

It's the ability to create, to manifest, to craft and carve out your journey just as you want it and to use the flow to create an incredible business, service or product that can impact people's lives. To think beyond yourself and reflect on what you can contribute and how you can give back. This is the age of art, creativity and unleashing who you are. 

Gone are the days of needing to clock into a factory doing repetitive work until you retired, this is an age of tremendous opportunity, never before has there been so much choice. Those of you who have ventured out into the unknown world of Entrepreneurship and creating your own path need to take stock, to redefine why you're doing this, and to really get clear on your unique vision.

This should be about creating and expressing yourself through your business, rather than chasing after happiness, freedom or the wealth you believe it will give you.

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